Monday, 4 March 2013


We arrived safely at the Tattenhall Outdoor Education Centre at approximately 10.30am.  We were given a guided tour of the centre and then we chose our bunks in the domitories.  It was such a beautiful sunny morning that we went outside and enjoyed playing on the adventure playground.  After 30 minutes of playing, we were all feeling hungry and so we ate our lunch.  Mr Astbury arrived at the centre at 1pm.  He told us some interesting information about the Tudors and then we went on a walk through the village of Tattenhall.  Mr Astbury is like a walking Wikipedia!  He knows lots of things about the Tudors.  He was able to answer lots of our questions.  We now know about Tudor entertainment, food, clothing and lots more.  We wrote it all down in our notebooks before we forgot everything.  Tea was served at 5pm.  We had pizza or chicken gougons followed by rice pudding or fruit.  Lots of us had seconds.  It was delicious.  After tea we were impatient to get into our pyjamas.  Hot chocolate and a story to end the day is perfect!  Lets hope we all have a good nights sleep.

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Mrs Llewelyn-Leach said...

Looks like you are all having fun and enjoying the good weather. Enjoy the rest of your stay. Take care of the teachers!!