Friday, 8 March 2013

Scotland Day 5

Well today was our last day and we bid Scotland a fond farewell after an early breakfast and a dip in the pool. The pool attendant was not very amused by us being there, but the rest of the people there were more than happy to share their pool with us.

Following our dip, splash and swim we returned to our room to do a last bit of packing and tidying. Despite this we still managed to lose a few electrical items and we would have left a jumper, shoes, a toothbrush, a wash bag, a hair brush and an electric tooth brush if it hadn't been for the final teacher sweep through the rooms.

Waiting at Dumfries Station for our first train.
Mr Goodier-Page got us to the station in good time and did a stirling job of shuffling suitcases on both the trains. (Virgin don't seem to want people with suitcases to travel on their trains!)

All travellers had a really good week and were looking rather tired when they were met at the station.

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