Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Great Fire of London

Year 2 ended their topic on the Great Fire of London with a spectacular burning of their Tudor houses.  These took hours to make out of cardboard and painted beautifully to immitate Tudor homes.  The whole school turned out to witness the speed in which the fire took hold.  This demonstration was done by Crewe Fire brigade and we all watched from a safe distance.

The Chief Fire Officer explained before he started the importance of safety and to look at how quickly fire can spread.  He lit the first house and within minutes the whole collection had burnt to the ground!

Year 2 Parents were also invited to come along.  They were treated to a nice cup of tea and biscuits.

Thank you to Crewe Fire Brigade for giving up their time.

A right Royal Party!!

On Friday we had our Diamond Jubilee street party.  Everyone came to school dressed in red, white and blue colours to mark the occasion.  The playground was decorated with balloons and bunting and we had a horseshoe of tables and chairs.  It was lovely to be joined by Little Stars and our Senior Citizens of the village.  With union flag plates and cups we had alot to eat.  Sandwiches, crisps, sausages, sausage rolls and an enormous amount of beautifully decorated cakes, baked and donated by generous parents, grandparents and friends.

Mr Mitchell announced our Royal Procession, each class dressed up two children as a member of the Royal family.  Then the Queen and Prince Phillip arrived by car to take their place on the Royal Balcony.  Everyone waved their flags and sang the National Anthem.

The sun shone and everyone celebrated the Diamond Jubilee in style!

Comenius Project

As part of our Comenius Project we had 71 international visitors in school.  They were teachers and children from Poland, France, Portugal, Scotland, Sicily, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Italy.  They spent two days split between various classrooms.  In each classroom we cooked traditional english dishes followed by a visit to Nantwich to do a bit of shopping.
It was then back to school for an english night of games and traditional food.

On the second day we had a mini olympics event with years 3,4 and 5 where everyone had the chance to win a Shavington Primary School olympic medal.
Edward Timpson then dropped by to have lunch with us.

It was lovely getting to know our visitors and we formed great friendships with them.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Today we were up at a sensible time and went down to breakfast in our very posh hotel.  The breakfast was a selection of lovely cakes and bread, cheese and meats. Once we had finished breakfast we went to a market near to our hotel. We looked at all the vegetables, meat and cheeses. Some of us bought watches and bracelets fom one of the stalls. At 9.00am we got the bus to the school. When we walked ino the hall the children from the school were there clapping. They sang to us and danced and it was fantastic. Mr Mitchell spoke to them in Italian. We then went to look at the classes and joined in some games with the children,

At 1.00 we went to have lunch . We have never had a lunch like it. We started off with all sorts of vegetables and meats. We then had pasta with sausage, this was followed by sausage and chips. We then had lots of lovely fresh fruits, then cheese and finished with cakes. We couldn't move after this. However some of us managed to have a game of football with our new Italian friends. After this we went to visit the mayor of the city and to a ceramic factory. 

When we got back to the hotel we went straight to the swimming pool, this was great fun. Dinner was another fantastic meal with pasta, meat and roasted potatoes and we finished with fruit salad. Mr Mitchell then suggested we walk out to have an ice ceam. We all chose our own flavours

We have had another fantastic day in Italy. Tomorrow is our last full day.

                                                                   Dinner at the hotel

 Miss Sharatt tries mussels for the first time

                                                                   Swimming in the pool

                                                                Welcome at the school

                                                          Lunch with our Italian friends

                                                                        At the town hall

                                                                     A special cake                                                                

                                                                      On our posh coach

                                                                    Football match

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Day 3

Last night we had our second ice ceam. This time we could choose our own flavours.

Today we were up again early and had a lovely breakfast overlooking the sea. The hotel was in a fantastic position with a lovely view of the harbour and the sea.

After breakfast we caught the bus to Pompei. The weather was fantastic with blue sky and lovely sunshine. We arrived at Pompei at 9.00am and spent two hours looking at the ruins of this very famous city. We saw how the people of this city lived nearly two thousand years ago. We saw their houses and shops and looked at some of the paintings that can still be seen today.

Once we had bought some gifts for our family and friends we caught the bus to Naples station. We then  caught the train from Naples to Reggio Calabria. The train journey took four hours. The time soon passed as we played eye spy and other games.

When we arrived at Reggio a bus collected us and took us to our hotel. What a fantastic hotel this is! It has a swimming pool and a very posh restuarant. As soon as we had unpacked we then went to the beach to swim in the sea. The water was crystal clear but very, very, very cold. Mr Mitchell and Miss Sharatt went in with us. After a quick swim in the sea we then went to the swimming pool. This was a little warmer and great fun.

When we had fnished swimming we were all hungry. Dinner was pasta , chicken and chips and some lovely fresh local fruit. We are all now looking forward to tomorrow and spending some time with the Italian children.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Day 2

Today we were up early again and had a lovely breakfast of ham , cheese and cake. Once we had taken our cases to the reception we were then off to the Colosseum. We got the metro from near to our hotel to the Colosseum. This was a fantastic experience for all of us. Our guide Gracia told us about how the Colosseum had been built and what had happened to it over the years. Once we had visited the Colosseum we went to visit other areas of Ancient Rome.

We then went back to hotel and Mr Mitchell went to buy pizza for us all. We had courgettes and tomato, tomato and mushroom. It was really lovely. We then finished with Italian cake and biscuits.  

After lunch we caught the bus to Sorrento. This took us four hours but the time passed quickly as we chatted and some of us slept.

When we arrived at Sorrento we checked into our rooms. The view from our rooms is fantastic. The rooms look over the sea. Our dinner tonight was lovely. We had pasta and pork and chips and beautiful fresh oranges.

We are really looking forward to our day at Pompei.

Sorry about the lack of photos but the computer in the hotel doesn't allow us to upload then.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

We left Shavington at 3.30am this morning. Most of us were up at 2.30am. We arrived at the airport in plenty of time for the flight. The flight was great and we arrived at Rome Airport in the sunshine. Once we had been through passport control we got the bus to our really nice 4 star hotel . We settled into our rooms and then went to the Roman Baths to have our lunch.

Once lunch was over we got the coach for a tour of Rome. We visited the Spanish Steps, the Treve Fountain and many other sights of Rome. We finished at the Vatican city. The weather was fantastic and we had a great afternoon.

The day was finished off with a really lovely meal at a local restaurant.

Tomorrow we are off to the Colessium and then to Sorrento on the Amalfi coast.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

African Djembe drumming

Year 6 gave a performance to years 2,3 and 4 of their African Djembe drumming.  They have had six workshop sessions with the music teacher from Malbank High School, working on different rhythms, tempos and beats.
Blake, Niall, Callum and Portia had a solo piece to play.  Everyone had a fantastic enjoyable time.