Thursday, 7 March 2013

Scotland Day 4

See you Jimmy!!!!

Well today has been another full day. The day started with a song tunefully sung by all for Miss Tomas' birthday. We left after breakfast for Edinburgh. Quite a long journey but we got there in the end seeing lots of sheep, hills and fog on the way.

Mrs Carter (our Scottish host) gave us a commentary on the way into Edinburgh which included the sights of The Zoo, Murrayfield (Wales v Scotland tommorow), St Mary's Cathedral and Princes Street and other attractions.

We started off at Oceanside where we didn't see the Royal Yacht Britannia but spent lots of money in their gift shop. Then we went to Greggs (other pastry stores are available!) for a snack. The staff there thought that we were the best behaved children they had ever seen and presented us with lots of free cupcakes. Thank you Greggs.

This was followed by a short coach journey which entailed a member of the group having slight mishap with a bottle of coca-cola, the cola won!

From here we went off to the Scottish Parliament and queued for ages going through airport style security, both Mrs llewelyn-Leach and Miss Thomas had to be searched. But all they found was a piece of chewing gum and a candle from Miss Thomas' Birthday cake! 

Following this we took a stroll down The Royal Mile up towards Edinburgh Castle. Along the way we found the Edinburgh museum where the children each found out their own facts on Edinburgh. (And it was free - bonus.)

After a stroll, frog-march or yomp up to the castle we finally found some lunch at the very posh Golden Arches Restaurante.

Many gift shops were visited throughout the day where lots of interesting items were acquired.

We are now all packed and ready for a quick dip in the pool in the morning before catching our train at 1023.

See you all tomorrow/Monday.

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