Sunday, 17 March 2013

France - Day 4

Everyone was raring to go for the Markey Challenge today.  Each group was given a list of items to purchase, at the best price possible, with a budget of 20 Euros.  The aim of the challenge was to buy all your items and be left with the most change and a delicious picnic lunch.  There was a great choice of market stalls and the children were fantastic with their french, ordering a variety of cheese, fruit and pastries. 

With a delicious lunch and over 4 Euros change, the winners were.............
MRS KINSEY'S GROUP - Well done to Piper, Ben, Thomas and Imogen.
After a morning shopping we relaxed with a drink and a crepe.  A very friendly man accommodated us with tables and chairs to sit outside in the sunshine.
Back on the bus we travelled to the Eco Farm but stopped on the way to eat our delicious picnic.  Unfortunately the weather wasn't kind to us for the first time this week, so we had to eat our picnic indoors.

With too much food to eat, we packed up what was left and went on to the farm.  Upon arrival we were welcomed by the lady owner who required us to speak only in French.  She explained that we were going to first make our own bread so after washing our hands we got down to it.  There were some very interesting shapes and designs for our bread!

While our bread was baking in the open fire oven, we went to visit the goats with their new born babies.  Some of them were only 2 days old, so cute.

We headed back to the Chateau to get ready for our meal out at a local restaurant, pack the last of our belongings ready for leaving early the next day.

We had a fantastic time in France, memories that will stay with us forever.

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