Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Scotland Day3

Today we had an early start as we headed off to Glasgow. We arrived at the science museum and watched a short film about The Arctic at the largest imax screen in Scotland. It was huge!
Then we had a wander around the very interesting museum playing with all the interactive bits and pieces.
After lunch we then headed to Hampden Court where we had an exciting tour around the grounds. Including a penalty shoot out to see who had the most powerful shot. The winner of this out of all the people from England, Poland, France and Turkey was ...Ben.
This meant that Ben got to lead his team out of the tunnel onto the pitch followed by holding the winning cup.
Another great day in Scotland. Despite it being a day of loosing cameras. However they were all found again.
Tomorrow we are off to Edinburgh.
Keep your eyes peeled to see what we get up to.

A few pictures from the past few days, we have been busy!

Day 1
 Day 2

Day 3

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