Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Day 1 and 2 Scotland at last

Hi! We are all safe and sound in Scotland, with a long 3 hour train journey. At Carlisle we dashed across the brigde and a tonne of steps!!! Followed by one person not being able to indentify their suitcase, we finally made it into Dumfries! We walked over to our hotel The Cairndale and unpacked. We then headed off to explore Dumfries and discovered an awesome play park! There was a zipwire, swings, a four seater roundabout which was so fun!!!! We then came back and had some great news that we could go in the pool(yyyyyyaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!) There was a really luxurious jacuzzi!!

Later in the evening we went into the hotel's restaurant and had a yummy chicken dinner followed by ice cream with a wafer. We then found a very big room where we played a varity of games such as: SPLAT!, tongue murder, musical chairs and sleeping lions. Then we were off to bed at quarter past nine (not!)

The next day the teachers knocked on our doors and woke us up at 7:30 and all of us were already awake!! We quickly got dressed and ready for the day ahead, breakfast, well what a breakfast! We think Luke could have got the world record for eating the most croissantes... 13! Once our tummys were full we headed off to the Lockerbie Primary where we had a warm welcome from all the people in the school. With singing, dancing and performing by all pupils all ages.

We had a lovely lunch and then went over to Lockerbies town hall where we had fish and chips! Followed by an energetic time Scottish dancing! When we returned to the hotel we were tired from a long day of playing in parks and dancing and so on. But we still managed to played some more games in the games room with the French and now we are off up to bed.

See you tomorrow when we will have more exciting things to tell you!

By Nicole, Lucy and the rest of the Scottish group  :)

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