Friday, 14 June 2013

Father's Day

It was lovely to see so many of our Dads and Grandads in school for our KS2 Father's Day activities.  Unfortunately the weather was not kind to us and we could not go out onto the field to play our team games.
However, there was plenty of competition inside the classrooms as the pupils challenged their Dads to a selection of board games.  Each class then had the opportunity to use their Dads and Grandads to help them gain team points for their house, in a selection of mini, timed sporting activities in the hall. 

Shavington Shakespeare

Year 4 got the opportunity to be part of the Children's Shakespeare Festival, to re-inact a scene from Shakespeare's play The Tempest, at The Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester.   The project gave children a real sense of excitement about the drama, people and words of Shakespeare.  Their scene was the telling of the strange island; it's magical inhabitants and it's powerful ruler, the magician Prospero.  He summoned the storm to break the ship and bring the passengers to the island.  KS2 were lucky to go along and watch the fabulous acting.  James Baister and Lois Kerr sang a beautiful solo and all of the children had a passion for their part.  The atmosphere in the theatre was emotive and tense.
We were very proud of our year 4 children who worked extremely hard to make it a great success.