Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Yee Ha!!

Rehearsals for our year 5 & 6 production of 'Yee Ha' are well on their way.  The stage is up and the principal characters have worked extremely hard to learn alot of lines.  The rest of the cast and choir have worked just as hard with the singing, dancing, props making and scenery.  It promises to be a spectacular production.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Tanzanian delights

On Wednesday Hapiness and Anna spent their time in different classes.  They taught us how to greet people in Swahilli, how to count up to 10 and also showed us how to do an African dance, whilst singing an African song, that they sing in Mikumi Town Primary School.
In the evening we had our African and Scottish night at school. Hapiness and Anna cooked some traditional Tanzanian food of chicken with pilau rice and this was followed by a Scottish shortbread topped with strawberries and cream!
Thursday our visitors went to Sandbach High School and Seabridge Primary School to have a look around and meet their children. The day ended with an evening of rock and pop at Seabridge.
Friday, Mr Mitchell invited them to be Diners of the week with Mrs Hurry. They deserved to be our special guests!
We thoroughly enjoyed having Hapiness and Anna here and they showed and told us a lot of things that are different in Tanzania to our school. We hope they will return to Shavington Primary School again in the future.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Town Sports

This afternoon were the field events for Town Sports. Everybody tried extremely hard and the results speak for themselves:

1st place: Emma-Jane Beresford - Long jump
                Eleanore Lindop - Long jump
                Brighid Madeley - Javelin
                Luke Elson - Javelin
                Louise Proudlove - Javelin

2nd place: Chris bedford - Long jump
                  Libby Nicholls - High jump
                  Alex Peake - Javelin
                  Sam Roberts - Javelin

3rd place: Jack Birchall - High jump
                 Ross Martin - Long jump

Well done to all those who took part. Pity the weather didn't hold out until the end.  Good luck to those competing on Wednesday in the field events.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Tour of the village

On Monday year 4 took our Tanzanian visitors around the village of Shavington. They compared their village to ours and looked at all the differences there were. Mr Astbury was a field of knowledge about the village, showing the children where Stapeley Water Gardens started, where Chester Zoo began before moving to Chester.
Happiness and Anna explained that people in Tanzania do not own their own house, they have to rent the space that they live in. They also do not have Tarmac roads or brick buildings.

A thoroughly enjoyable morning and a chance for the children to think about the comparisons from one country to another.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Tanzanian visitors

Our Tanzanian visitors have arrived from Mikumi Town Primary School, our partner school in Tanzania. Follow our blog this week to see what activities and events they have been involved in.

Romeo & Juliet

On Friday, Year 4 treated year 3,5 & 6 to a spectacular production at The Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester! This is the second year that year 4 have been involved with the North West Drama Services and this year they explored Romeo and Juliet. The class had to re-inact their interpretation of the death scene with a modern twist. Our beautiful Juliet was Chantelle Mills and our handsome Romeo was Max Benson.  They portrayed their characters with passion, emotion and conviction to a captive audience. The whole class participated to an OUTSTANDING standard, to which we were very proud. Six other Primary Schools took part, but the best was saved until last, us! Thank you to the staff who made this production a delight to watch. Well done.