Thursday, 29 March 2012

Up Up & Away!!.

Reception class went on their trip to Manchester Airport last week.  They were met by airport staff who took them to the viewing platform to watch the airplanes take off and land.  They were very lucky as they were their just in time to see the huge airbus come in to land.

After that they were taken to an aircraft hanger where they store a full size Concord airplane for people to view.  This airplane is not used anymore but when it was, it could fly to New York from London in 3 1/2 hours! 

Next they got the opportunity to sit in a real airplane.  This was a Monarch plane that had been cut in half but still had all the seats to belt themselves into.  It gave them the opportunity to dress up in the Captain's uniform and as Air Hostesses, they then sat in the cockpit one at a time to pretend that they were flying the plane.

It was then time to have their lunch, and due to the gorgeous sunny weather, they had a picnic outside.

One more visit to the landing strip before they went home.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Last Day!
Well today has been our last full day in Sicily and another really busy one !
We have visited 3 schools in Fiumefreddo and had a fantastic welcome at all of them.

We visited the river Fiumefreddo and saw the sea but we weren't allowed to paddle ! The views of Mount Etna are amazing - lots of snow and black ash.

Lunch was at a local 4 * hotel - very posh and then we went back to school to make photo frames and papyrus drawings. We worked at school until 8.00pm. The parents of children at the school then arrived with typical Sicilian food for us to try - yummy !

We have now arrived back at the hotel to pack our cases as we have yet another early start in the morning.

So it's goodbye from Sicily - we hope you have enjoyed our blog and we will see you all on Monday.

Ciao x

Day 2 Stratford-upon Avon


Still having an amazing time in Stratford. We have been learning persuasive acting and are going to try it out at home this week end! Bill from the Dreamshed Theatre brought in some giant props actually used in the performance of The Borrowers. We then had to use our imagination to pass around a circle some invisible props this is not as easy as it might sound.

After luch we had an amazing lady called Jackie who is a voice coach with the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and also worked with the actors on the film of the War Horse! She has taught us amazing voice projection skills.

In our oscar winning performance tonight  Joel really scared the audience when he miraculously appeared !!

Finlay would like to say it has been the best day . Harry says it has been an awsome experience.

Off to Charlcote Park tomorrow, then back to school after lunch.

                                      We were really thirsty so we thought we would have a cup of tea!

From all in 4CJ

KS1 Mother's Day Assembly

KS1 children treated their mums to a beautiful assembly to show them just how much they love them.  There was lots of lovely singing and some children had written a poem to their mums.  At the end of the assembly each mum was presented with a daffodil and a hand made Mother's Day card.


Pamper Day

As we all love our mums, and we wanted to show them, we had a pamper day for ks2 children's mums.  Students from South Cheshire College came into school to tutor the children and they then treated their mums to a hand massage and a manicure.  They could then sit back and relax with a cup of coffee and cakes supplied by Mrs Rivers.

Governor fun night

Last Thursday was Governor Fun night.  A lady from BASF came into school to demonstrate experiments with household ingredients called 'cabbage science'. e.g. Producing a volcano with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar, holding a pingpong ball in a bottle using pressure from the water.
They then enjoyed some light refreshments.


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Day 1 Stratford-upon-avon

Arrived safely at Stratford. We were really excited when we saw the centre because it was near Shakespeare's birthplace and it looked very welcoming. It was so hot we had to eat our lunch outside on the picnic benches!
This afternoon we went on a tour of Stratford on an open topped red bus with the amazing Gwen who was a font of information about Shakespeare and Stratford. We were lucky that the sun continued to shine down on us. We saw lots of sights including Shakespeare's birthplace, his wife's family home, the clock tower and lots of Tudor buildings. At Adam Palmer's farm the guides were dressed in Tudor costume.
We have met Bill and his team and have already some important acting skills including facial expressions, balance  and voice projection.

Important matters - Tea we ate a great 3 course meal which was delicious.

Grace said "I love Stratford," we had a vote and everyone agreed!

Photos to follow tomorrow.

From 4CJ
Goodbye Hello

Last night was our last night in Trapani. We experienced some traditional chamber music, very cultural! Followed by a posh buffet, not a pizza in sight.

We were then treated to an amazing tribute band. Mrs Bloor and Mrs Llewelyn-Leach were in their element dancing to .....QUEEN!!

However it was the British children that got the dancing started.

We had a very much needed lie-in this morning, followed by a trip to the salt pans and a lovely packed lunch.

We then set off for Fiumifreddo. (A five hour coach trip!)

Arriving exhausted but safe we have settled in and enjoyed our best meal so far, even though it was pizza.

In school early tomorrow so now settling down to sleep.

Good night (too tired to remember the Italian spelling!!)

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Our windmills we made yesterday at school.

 Lunch at a mill before going up the mountain pictured in the background.

T-shirts from the host school with the HeHe logo.

Maddison eats Italian pasta! Yummy!!

 The views from Erice were OUTSTANDING!!!!

Still a lovely view.

The end of our outing at Erice at the whispering wall.
What another great day and still the celebration dinner to come!

Ciao for now.

Monday, 19 March 2012


Well the rest of Sunday was very busy. It included a cultural tour of Trapani seeing lots of lovely doorways and trying to guess what might be behind them.

Along the way we collected a very very friendly companion who guided us on our way. We liked to call him Wolfie! He was the local celebrity dog and was well known everywhere we went.

A picnic lunch in the park was followed by the largest ice-creams we have ever seen and the best we've ever tasted, Kit-kat for Max, Pistacchio for Alex and White chocolate Galaxy for Maddison! Yummy!!

We met the rest of the partner schools for pizza last night taking over at least half of the pizza restaurante.


What a busy day!

7:45 Breakfast
8:30 School (Normal day really!)
9:00 Greeted at school by ballet dancers and typical Sicillian dancers.
9:30 film show about the salt pans
10:30 Making windmills
13:30 Lovely lunch (more pizza!)
15:00 Meeting the mayor.
16:30 Visit to Yacht Club for rowing competition and tour of an old house.
18:00 Rowing Prize giving, Ben got first prize.
19:30 Even more pizza!!!!
21:30 Bed at last! Zzzzzzzz!!!!


Tuesday was our Open Day in school and it was lovely to see so many parents and grandparents visiting the school.  There were lots of activities and creativity within each classroom:

Reception:  A group of children performed in their role play construction area
                  Booking their holidays in their outdoor travel agents, on a ferry, on safari


Year 1:        Life cycle of a chick
                  Collage the life cycle of a chick
                  Writing a creative story about a lost chick

They also had their real life chicks that had hatched the week before.

Year 2:        Creating and making a Tudor house from the Great Fire of London
                   A diary of Samuel Pepys and the Great Fire of London shown on a time line
                   Looking for 3D shapes in their outdoor area

Year 3:         Making Roald Dahl characters in puppets and producing a show
                   Creating our own illustrations in the style of Quentin Blake
                   Watercolouring pictures to decorate the front of new topic books

Year 4:         Made puppets Queen Gertrude and Aphelia from Shakespeare's Hamlet
                   Looking at how Romans built houses, what food they ate and the type of
                   Made peasant family signs that would have been used to advertise their

Year 5:         Made evacuee suitcases and put in items that would have been packed by 
                   Evacuee identity cards and tags
                   Performed in the Goodnight Mister Tom role play area
                   Compared a WWII suitcase to a modern day suitcase

Year 6:         Numeracy skills - Children given a budget of £2,500 and they had to buy
                   sports equipment and subtract this from their budget
                   Plan their favourite meal and make it using collage on a plate
                   Design a polysterene tyle with a 'Dazzling decade' theme and printing onto
                   paper to decorate topic front covers