Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Our windmills we made yesterday at school.

 Lunch at a mill before going up the mountain pictured in the background.

T-shirts from the host school with the HeHe logo.

Maddison eats Italian pasta! Yummy!!

 The views from Erice were OUTSTANDING!!!!

Still a lovely view.

The end of our outing at Erice at the whispering wall.
What another great day and still the celebration dinner to come!

Ciao for now.


Anonymous said...

Wow what another busy day you have had,i wish i was their with you,and just look at the views,well enjoy your pasta-pizza-ice creams,so keep posting the photos,see you soon josh xs

Anonymous said...

Look forward every night to your blog! The view looks amazing and you seem to be enjoying yourselves and have really busy days. It was a lovely hot summers day here today so your not the only ones enjoying the sunny weather. Looking forward to tomorrow nights blog. Love you and missing you Libbs xx love Mum