Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Day 1 Stratford-upon-avon

Arrived safely at Stratford. We were really excited when we saw the centre because it was near Shakespeare's birthplace and it looked very welcoming. It was so hot we had to eat our lunch outside on the picnic benches!
This afternoon we went on a tour of Stratford on an open topped red bus with the amazing Gwen who was a font of information about Shakespeare and Stratford. We were lucky that the sun continued to shine down on us. We saw lots of sights including Shakespeare's birthplace, his wife's family home, the clock tower and lots of Tudor buildings. At Adam Palmer's farm the guides were dressed in Tudor costume.
We have met Bill and his team and have already some important acting skills including facial expressions, balance  and voice projection.

Important matters - Tea we ate a great 3 course meal which was delicious.

Grace said "I love Stratford," we had a vote and everyone agreed!

Photos to follow tomorrow.

From 4CJ


Anonymous said...

Hi Year 4
Glad you have arrived safe & sound and you are enjoying Stratford and the sunny weather.
Big Hugs to Sophie O,we are missing you Sophie,
Love Mum,Dad & Tasha XXXX

Anonymous said...

Hi jack sounds like you are all having a great time, hope you ate all your tea. Enjoy the sunshine, can't wait to see you tomorrow. Meg says 'hi' love mum, dad and meg xx