Thursday, 1 March 2012

Day 4

Well we've enjoyed our last full day in France.  It all started when we headed off to a local world war cemetry.  It was very interesting, we found the cemetry register and we left a message thanking the soldiers for all they had done, to make our world what it is today. We saw that the sword was displayed facing down as a sign of peace and respect for the fallen.  We couldn't believe the ages of the soldiers who lost their lives, so sad.  We looked carefully at the grave stones to identify which role the soldiers had in the war.  We also noticed that some of the graves were Jewish soldiers, we knew because we saw they had the Star of David on them. April and James laid a poppy cross as we bowed our heads in respect.

We then drove on to the local market where the battle commenced! There was firerce competition to win the market challenge.  Mrs Nicholls wanted to regain her title from last year whilst Mr Mitchell was out to be the champion once again.  Mrs Cork's group were also out to beat the others!  We had great fun and really tried extra hard to use our French to ask for all our shopping list.  We were all fantastic and the market stall holders were lovely and helped us with our French.  The winner was... not Shavington! Seabridge took the crown we were all gutted but we had the tastiest picnic lunch!

At the eco farm we made Pan au chocolat, it was great fun. We all got really messy and did a great job creating all kinds of lovely designs.  Our bread was cooked in a clay oven.  We are going  to have it for breakfast tomorrow.  At the eco farm the lady spoke to us in Fench and explained that we couldn't milk the goats beacuase they were all expecting babies. We were so lucky as some of the goats had just had their young.  We were allowed to pet the kids, they were just two days old! So Cute!  We also helped put hay in the manger in preparation for the females to give birth.  As we said Au Reviour the lady told our Kingswood guides that we were lovely, friendly children. How lovely!

When we got back it was time to dress up for the restaurant.  What a lovely evening, great fun lots of us were very adventurous and had mussels! Yummy!

Oh and by the way the girls decided that they might have a bit of a jumble sale! Well that's what it looked like in their room!

Overall a great week;

"We all enjoyed staying here" (April)
"The best thing I've ever done in my life!" (Maddison D)
"It's been outstanding and astonishing!" (James)
"Once in a lifetime opportunity!" (Libby)
"Just amazing, fantastic!" (Tariq)
"I've loved all of this trip" (Jake)

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