Monday, 19 March 2012


Tuesday was our Open Day in school and it was lovely to see so many parents and grandparents visiting the school.  There were lots of activities and creativity within each classroom:

Reception:  A group of children performed in their role play construction area
                  Booking their holidays in their outdoor travel agents, on a ferry, on safari


Year 1:        Life cycle of a chick
                  Collage the life cycle of a chick
                  Writing a creative story about a lost chick

They also had their real life chicks that had hatched the week before.

Year 2:        Creating and making a Tudor house from the Great Fire of London
                   A diary of Samuel Pepys and the Great Fire of London shown on a time line
                   Looking for 3D shapes in their outdoor area

Year 3:         Making Roald Dahl characters in puppets and producing a show
                   Creating our own illustrations in the style of Quentin Blake
                   Watercolouring pictures to decorate the front of new topic books

Year 4:         Made puppets Queen Gertrude and Aphelia from Shakespeare's Hamlet
                   Looking at how Romans built houses, what food they ate and the type of
                   Made peasant family signs that would have been used to advertise their

Year 5:         Made evacuee suitcases and put in items that would have been packed by 
                   Evacuee identity cards and tags
                   Performed in the Goodnight Mister Tom role play area
                   Compared a WWII suitcase to a modern day suitcase

Year 6:         Numeracy skills - Children given a budget of £2,500 and they had to buy
                   sports equipment and subtract this from their budget
                   Plan their favourite meal and make it using collage on a plate
                   Design a polysterene tyle with a 'Dazzling decade' theme and printing onto
                   paper to decorate topic front covers


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