Monday, 19 March 2012


Well the rest of Sunday was very busy. It included a cultural tour of Trapani seeing lots of lovely doorways and trying to guess what might be behind them.

Along the way we collected a very very friendly companion who guided us on our way. We liked to call him Wolfie! He was the local celebrity dog and was well known everywhere we went.

A picnic lunch in the park was followed by the largest ice-creams we have ever seen and the best we've ever tasted, Kit-kat for Max, Pistacchio for Alex and White chocolate Galaxy for Maddison! Yummy!!

We met the rest of the partner schools for pizza last night taking over at least half of the pizza restaurante.


What a busy day!

7:45 Breakfast
8:30 School (Normal day really!)
9:00 Greeted at school by ballet dancers and typical Sicillian dancers.
9:30 film show about the salt pans
10:30 Making windmills
13:30 Lovely lunch (more pizza!)
15:00 Meeting the mayor.
16:30 Visit to Yacht Club for rowing competition and tour of an old house.
18:00 Rowing Prize giving, Ben got first prize.
19:30 Even more pizza!!!!
21:30 Bed at last! Zzzzzzzz!!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow how tired must you all be after today's events. You all look like your having a great time over there and we liked the look of 'wolfie'
Thinking of you Libbs you make me do proud
Love Mum dad Bells & Jack xx

Anonymous said...

Goodness you have been busy,And you met the Mayor,Did you have afternoon tea with him too? Josh it looks like you have made some great new friends,(pen pals)Did you hear about Mount Etna now thats something to talk about,Shavington Primary was their when it erupted :)The photos are great,You take care,missing you,p.s.Lilly says hi xs

Shavington Primary School said...

Wow! What a busy time you're all having. Sounds like you are enjoying lots of lovely pizza and the ice-cream flavours sound gorgeous. Well done to Ben for the rowing competition! We're enjoying some lovely sunshine here as we're sure you are! Love to all from 5N

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone. It looks like you are having a fantastic time. The weather looks great - I hope you are all putting your suncream on. The icecreams sound yummy but you won't be able to bring us one back! Pizza at home will never taste the same after you have had the real thing in Scicily. Wolfie didn't look quite as big as Lucy but she seemed as friendly. Glad you are having a wonderful time, the house is too quiet without you!! Lots of love, Mum Dad Lorna and Lucy(woof woof) xxx