Friday, 20 May 2011

Yesterday we all had a busy day... We began our morning with breakfast in the hotel- eating with the Scottish, Turkish and French children.  All schools had arrived safely- some journey's taking over a day to arrive!  After breakfast we continued with our jam-packed schedule; taking the coach to the Italian school.

We were overwhelmed by our welcome.  International flags surrounded the school's playgrounds.  We were welcomed like celebrities to Boscoe School; everyone was clapping and cheering as we all walked into their sports hall to be greeted by 600 children!  The welcome began with introductions in Italian, French and English and we were entertained by singing, dancing and musicians playing the national anthem from each country present.  Afterwards we were again, overwhelmed by our 'snack' that we were given!  Parents of the Italian children had baked many cakes and biscuits- enought, we thought, for the whole town!  They had even made individual party cakes with each countries flag as decorations!  After filling our tummies once more we were introduced to the different classes and teachers throughout the school.  Each class gave us all a small presnt- biscuits, traditional oils, cake, salami.  We could barely carry everything!  Afterwards we had a delicious Italian 3 course meal- we all thought we would burst from being so full!

This was followed by a short journey into the local town where we went to a musuem to learn about part of Regio's history and art.  We learned about two statues that were found in the ocean that were being restored.  They were discovered in the 1970's and were dated back to 200 years BC!

We then went into the town to look at the shops and buy some souveniers.  Followed by ice cream 4 of the week!  The day continued with a short journey back to the school to be greeting by yet another warm welcome.  there were marquees with the most amount of food anyone had ever seen before!  We were entertained once more with dancers, singers and then we had a huge feast!  Everyone had a wonderful night.  The children all had the opportunity to mix with one another- speaking Italian and French.  Jemma gained a little friend who wouldn't leave her alone, as did most of the blond girls as the Italians loved their hair!

After a long night we headed back to the hotel for bed. Exhausted, everyone slept well.

This morning we packed our cases, ready for home and went for breakfast.  After breakfast the Italian children arrived at our hotel.  By 11 0 clock we experienced our first acrobatic pizza show!  This involved famous acrobats tossing pizza bases into the air- very impressive.  All the children had a slice of fresh pizza before heading outside to take part in some traditional sports from Italy, Turkey, France and England.  We have brought the sack race and egg and spoon race...  We are just about to take part now, so we will hopefully let you know what happened in the games before we catch the train later this evening!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you all look and sound like you're having a fantastic time. Love catching up on your adventures everyday. Looking forward to having you home tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your trip, and have a safe journey home.
Lots of love
Jemma's Mum, Dad and Adam xx