Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Day 2

Last night we all had our first experience of typical Italian food, which went down a treat.  After a well deserved sleep we were ready to begin day two of our adventure.

We started early, waking for breakfast at 7am to prepare for our visit to the Colloseum.  After several crossiants, ham, cheese, nutella and bread we made our way to the Colloseum via the metro.  Our tour guide, Gracia, told the story of Rome and the Colloseum's role in ancient times.  We we're shocked at how long it took to build- just eight years.  All built by the hands of 64, 000 slaves from Jeruselum!  We all imagined how emporers and caesers lived in Rome and explored ancient ruins.  

After a quick ride back to our hotel on the metro we had a hearty Italian lunch and margaritta pizza.  

It was then time for our next part of the journey to travel to Serrento.  The coach journey lasted 4 hours, with a little stop off.  We arrived at the hotel nearly an hour ago (5.15pm)  We were all impressed with the impressive hotel and beautiful blue sea views  

Now we're hoping to squeeze in a beach paddle in the next hour before dinner...



Roo's Mum and Dad said...

Wish we were having a swim in the sea with you all tonight!!!
Have fun Guys
Love The Chezzies x

Anonymous said...

Sounds like another Fab action packed day! Great pictures too! I am looking forward to see what you get up to tomorrow, Take care

Annalise's Mum