Wednesday, 18 May 2011

This morning we travelled by coach to Pompei.  We met our guide and were introduced to the tragedy of the eruption of Vesuvius.  We saw how the town was covered in 20ft of ash- suffocating all its victims who lived at the time in a matter of days.  Most people perished within the first 24 hours.  We learnt about the excavation of Pompei and how archaeologists inserted deep holes (to create air pockets) to pour plaster to 're-create' an image of what life was like during this time.  Everyone was intrigued by the plastered victims- unknowing to the devastating effects of mount Vesuvius.  Our guide informed us that the people, at the time, did not realise what to expect and when the cloud of ash was released from Vesuvius it was too late for those people to escape.  Even the sea was not an option, as a Tsunami had also hit Pompei at the time.  We learnt that Vesuvius's eruption drastically changed the landscape of pomepi- the 'cone' of Vesuvius turning into two seperate peaks and the ocean now at a much greater distance than previously.  We were shocked to learn that the last eruption took place in 1944- so Vesuvius is most certainly not completely dormant.

After our tour we enjoyed our 3rd ice cream of the week- chocolate and vanilla.  Josh Green unexpectantly spotted the famous James Bond- Pierce Bronon!  Unfortunately Mr Mitchell didn't catch up with him to take a photo.

We then took the coach to the train station in Naples to catch our 4 hour journey to Regio.  Incidently our link school in Scotalnd- Lockerbie- were on the same train.

We have now settled into our lovely hotel in Regio and are preparing for our next Italian meal


Anonymous said...

Wow another fantastic day! You have seen so much (including James Bond!), looking forward to seeing what you get up to tomorrow.

Take care

Annalise's Mum

Ps Annalise your bedroom is nearly done

Roo's Mum and Dad said...

What do you mean.....Mr.Mitchell couldn't catch him up!!!!!
Tell him to ask for a refund for his gym membership!!!
Roo keep taking lots of pics
Love The Chezzies X

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're having a really interesting trip and hope that meeting the Italian children was great too. Hope that the Olympic games goes well on Friday, so no more pizza or ice-creams as you will need to be in training! Remember that the honour of Shavington and England depends on you - no pressure! Enjoy the rest of your trip.
Bethany's Mum and Dad
PS Shame on you Mr Mitchell for not catching up with Pierce Brosnan! Run faster next time!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day to me! Wish I was there! Hope you all have a great day tomorrow, but before then - a great nights sleep!

Andy McGillan

pauline wain said...

HI year 6, it sounds like you are all having an amazing time in Italy! the pictures are lovely and the scenery looks stunning!! I am wondering just how many more ice creams you have all eaten now !!! ENJOY