Monday, 23 May 2011

Tanzanian Travellers Pt2

Hello All from a very hot Tanzania!

Today was our first day in school and what a day it was too.

We walked with Isaac to school and were greeted by so many children all very happy to see us. After assembly we had a tour of the school to Standards 2 - 7 and the nursery. In the Nursery they were learning to write the number 6-Stiga. They were very good at it too.

We have used the parachute today for the first time and the children really loved doing this but we had to have half the class at a time - 45 children!! They liked bouncing the ball on it and playing games where they ran under it.

We spent a lot of time in the lovely library that Mrs Manley & Mrs Rivers decorated when they were here. They did such a wonderful job.

After school we were invited to Mwahcha's house for lunch. She is a teacher at the school and had made us a traditional Tanzanian meal which included plantains. This was a new experience for Mrs Wain. If you are not sure what they are maybe you can investigate that for our return to school?

Once lunch was over we had another new experience of the Ticky Ticky! A 3 wheeled motor bikish taxi that just about hold 3. It was like a mixture between being on a ghost train, a rollercoaster and the dodgems!? It took us to Isaac's house for about 70p where we met Cosmos, his son aged 3 and his wife. Isaac has built his own house and he has made it a wonderful home for his family.

Following this we went to meet the Seabridge teachers to arrange a surprise for when we return to school in the UK.

For dinner we again had been invited to a teacher's house and proceeded to go there in a power cut. We ate dinner pretty much in the dark, which included plantains! Walking part way home through a pitch black street was again something to be experienced. We now know what it is like to do a night line activity, but without the night line!!

Now time for bed up at stiga in the morning ready for school.


Shavington Primary School said...

It sounds like you have received a very warm and friendly welcome. Enjoy the rest of your experiences. Look forward to your next blog.
Take care
Mrs Kinsey

Anonymous said...

WOW ! Glad you are both enjoyin Tanzania. I am glad to hear they all loved the parachute fun. I wonder what delights Thursday will bring ??
Miss. Sharratt x

Anonymous said...

Glad you are both enjoying Tanzania.Hope you enjoy your experiences there.Can't wait for you to return.
Emily Hurry in yr 5

Anonymous said...

I hope that your having a good time in Tanzania . We are all missing you . Enjoy the rest of your trip see you soon.
From Jack Thompson and Year 6