Monday, 23 May 2011

The final details of Italy

Our final day in Regio continued with the Scottish game: throwing the boot (which involved flicking your shoe off as far as you could); the French game of Petanque (rolling a ball and then rolling another ball as close to it as possible); the Turkish game of 'musical chairs' and of course, our contribution: the sack and egg and spoon race.

We then had a 4 course lunch! Everyone was extremely full.  After dinner we had a run-around, followed by more cake. Each country then spoke about how their schools have been embracing the Commenius project (the linking of the 5 schools).  Each school spoke in English to explain different projects each school had taken part in. Like: potato growing recipies. 

After our presentations we took part in traditional Italian sports, which involved: volleyball, penalty shoot out and an obstacle course.  Once again we were overwhelmed by the effort the Italians had gone to- providing everyone with their personal medals to celebrate the union of our schools.

After a long and activity packed 2 days we said goodbye to the Italian children and believe it or not, ate yet more food!  Another 4 course meal!  We collected all our luggage and many gifts and waved our goodbyes to all the other children and made our way to catch the sleeper train- a new experience for all.  Some expected a sort of 'Harry Potter' train... Infact what we all had was bunk beds (3 beds on top of one another)- perfect for our 9 hour journey to catch some sleep.

The train journey passed quickly and we arrived in Rome, ready for our flight home.  Everyone was ready for a nice warm shower, more sleep and of course- a big hug from their parents!  What a trip to remember!

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