Thursday, 1 November 2012

Year 6 Residential Winmarleigh Day 2

Day 2 in Winmarleigh

The day kicked off to a delicious breakfast, lovely pork sausages, scrambled eggs and many more choices.
After that we started are activities. Mr Perry’s group went to do the Team Challenge while Mrs Penhall and Miss Prophett’s group went to do Trapeze. 
Lucy’s opinion on the team challenge: “It was exciting but nerve-racking when you had to try and keep the water in the bucket”
Holly’s opinion on the Trapeze:  “It was outstandingly good; some of us were so close to getting the bar but couldn’t just jump high enough.”
After a exhausting 3 hours of daring challenges we went and took a break, and we all had a chill out in the games room but the boys kept hogging the football table like Manchester United VS Liverpool!
In the afternoon sessions Mr Perry’s group did Jacobs Ladder while Miss Prophett’s and Mrs Penhall's group did the terrifying giant swing! All of us set a self target to reach which pushed us that little bit further.
Miss Prophett and Holly set the tone for the afternoon as they volunteered to take the first turn on the Giant Swing.
As a class we all took part in the Sensory Trail, most of our first impressions were “It was cool”.  We all got very muddy and wet and disorientated. We had to follow a muddy rope and being blind folded was even harder than we expected. With the instructors making it even spookier that we thought.
We can’t wait for tomorrow as we have the Climbing Wall and Archery.
By Nicole and Lucy





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