Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Portugal Day 3 - The Cod factory!!

Day 3!!

We were up at early o'clock this morning (yawn yawn yawn!) to get to the smelly cod factory. When we arrived we were made to dress up in embarrasing bin liner jackets, face mask's, hair nets and plastic shoe protectors. Mrs Cork looked like a cartoon character and Mrs Nicholls looked like the Hunchback of Notradame!! When we went through we could all smell the disgusting smell of fish!!! We saw how they washed, desalted and packaged the cod. We also saw all of the new machines working to make the cod nice but most of the work was done by hand.  Some of us were a little unsure about what to expect but Nicole summed it up beautifully; "it was actually very interesting".  Pedro who showed us round was lovely and spoke fantastic English! When we had finshed our tour we took off our bin liners and all breathed fresh air because in the factory all we could smell and taste was raw fish! (YUCK!) Back on the coach we stopped by the beach  and posed in front of some brightly coloured stripy beach houses and made weird poses on some concerete balls. Off for lunch at a local restaurant for chicken salad and chips, it was yummy! Back on the coach and we headed to a boat museum where we were able to see the traditional boats used to fish for the cod.  It was great as we were able to pose and actually get inside the boat.  Lots of opportunities for photo's.  We are now just about to have an indoor picnic for tea with some goodies from the local supermarket.  After tea we are teaching our French and Scottish friends traditional games.  
 A final quote of the day from Nicole " Basically I like everything except the things I don't like!"

 Getting ready to enter the cod factory in our very attractive gear.  Maybe a new trend?

After our tour of the cod factory with our new friend Pedro!

Looking at the beautiful stripey beach houses by the sea, very traditional to this area of Portugal.

A bit of fun balancing on the stone balls.  Some of us got up quicker than others!

At the Maritime Museum, inside a traditional cod fishing ship.  Can you spot our great catch of the day?



Shavington Primary School said...

You look like you are having a great time and the weather looks nice and sunny. It sounds like the cod factory was an interesting trip. We are missing the girls in class. Enjoy the rest of the trip. Love from Mrs Kinsey. x

Unknown said...

Looks like you had a fantastic day and your enjoying yourselfs have a brilliant day tomorrow missing u mum xox grace