Thursday, 4 October 2012

Model Olympians!

Year 5 had a visiting artist, Faith Bebbington, who came into school to produce some amazing sculptures in a unique way.  Our theme was the Olympians and Paralympians, and we started the day with some wire, sheets of newspaper, duck tape and coloured tape.
Everyone had to decide on the sport that they would like to recreate with their athlete.  We then had to think about the country that the athlete was from to enable us to pick the correct colours for their country's flag.
We started off with a framework of wire moulded into the shape of a stick man.  This was then covered in scrunched up newspaper to form the body shape.  Next the whole structure was wrapped in duck tape to form a solid 3D shape.
The coloured tape was then used to identify specific parts of the model.  For example, Usain Bolt wore black shorts, a green vest with a yellow stripe to represent his country Jamaica.
Some children then went on to create a paralympic champion, making their models to show the support the Paralympians required, to help them achieve their very best.

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