Thursday, 20 September 2012

Clonter Opera Theatre

On Tuesday Year 4 visited Clonter Opera Theatre in Congleton.  The day was broken down into 3 workshops, showing different aspects of the theatre.

The first workshop was to 'Design a mini stage' to which we had to design and make 4 scenes for our stage; Island of dreams, space olympics, witches spooky forest and the wild wild west.  The lighting was chosen that best suited our scene, and their was a competition for the best.

The second workshop was a singing workshop. We were shown how to warm-up our faces and voices before we started to sing.  Their are four types of theatre music, musicals, opera, opereta and aria.  We finished off with a song from Hanzel and Gretel.

The third workshop was a variety show.  This started with a musical song 'There's no business like show business ', then we listened to an opera and the final piece was a group who sang an aria.

We had a great experience at the Clonter Opera Theatre.


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