Thursday, 11 October 2012

Curriculum Afternoon

Today was our curriculum afternoon and it was lovely to see so many parents and grandparents in school to help their children be creative.

Reception children had a theme of Teddy bears.  They made collages of teddy bears that they had drawn, and used different textures of materials.  The playdo was a favourite, imprinting their names into the dough.  It was also an opportunity to make invitiations to The Teddy Bear's Party which is being held next week. 

Year 1's activitites were all linked to Fairytales and Fairyland.  They made collages of fairytales using different materials.  There were Fairyland stories to watch and learn on the computers, and Mrs Gibbs did a book review on Fairy stories.

Year 2 created a cannon for a Spanish Armada ship.  They also sorted animals into different categories using branching trees to distinquish key facts, for example: Does the animal fly?  Would you find this animal in water?  Construction materials were used to investigate how wheels work.

Year 3 had to find the differences between Greece and Great Britain, for example , the temperature, the buildings etc.  They then produced their work in their topic books.

Year 4 designed their covers for their topic books.  A picture was drawn and then collaged with small squares of coloured paper to look like Roman mosaics.

Year 5 did a science investigation to find out the effects of exercise on pulse rate.

Year 6 made collages of significant environmental symbols using recycled material.


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