Thursday, 7 April 2011

Final thoughts

We asked the children what their favourite thing about the visit to France, these were their replies;
"The market challenge because it was fun and exciting.  We won and we beat Mr Mitchell!" Chloe
"The market challenge, fun, exciting and good team work." Farrell
"I enjoyed the meringues at the market." Ryan
"I loved the sharks at the aquarium in Nausicca." Isobel
"The adventure playground, I have never been to one and loved the freedom of it!" George
"The goats, especially stroking them, they kept licking my shoes." Lauren
"My favourite was the market challenge.  It was fun to speak French!" Lucy
"I liked all of it, the aquarium was the best especially touching the stingrays and seeing the sea lion show." Archie
" I was very interested in the WWI quarries and tunnels." Lol
"Ooh that is hard, I loved the aquarium stroking the stingrays and seeing the fish close up." Sam
"The adventure playground, it was fun, I went around 7 times!" Eleanor
"Going in the trenches, it was a new experience. The German trenches were much better because they were trained soldiers " Lewis
"All of it! I've learnt so much about everything!" Patrick
"Going on the beach, running up and down, getting splashed by the waves with our shoes and socks off." Gabby
"The market, talking to French people, we got a bargain" Ben
"The aquarium because I liked stroking the sting rays" Amy
"I have never milked a goat before and making the bread was good" Jack

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Unknown said...

I'm glad you all had a nice time in France!
From Jenna Harrison, 2BL.