Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Day 3

Today has been another action packed day in sunny France.  Following a hearty breakfast we set off to the cider farm where we learnt all about how they press apples to make cider, brandy and cider vinegar.  From there we visited a local war cemetery where we identified different regiments that had taken part in WWI and WWII.  We noticed how beautiful the cemetery was kept with its immaculate gravesones lined up like soldiers on parade.  We looked at the register of the fallen men and some of the children identified soldiers from Cheshire, including some familiar surnames.  We gathered together in the lovely sunshine and remembered those men who gave their life for ours, whilst Mr Chadwick from Seabridge Primary school played the 'Last Post' and 'Reveille' on his bugle.  George represented Shavington by laying a poppy cross on the memorial.  It was a very special moment.  Following a lovely picnic on the grass, and a little free time, we headed off to the goat's cheese farm where we were fortunate to make our own bread, pain au chocolate and croissants.  The lady baked them in a traditional clay oven whilst we had a little walk to visit a 'Hansel & Gretal' style guest house.  Upon our return we ate our freshly baked bread and were then hearded into a cattleshed with several goats and their kids.  This was extremely amushing and caused a great deal of hilarity, with goats eating anything in sight!  The children then had the opportunity to milk a goat, leaving the milk for the local cats.  Lauren and Isobel were naturals!  We ended a perfect day with a perfect meal at a French restaurant, a quick run on the beach and off to bed.


Unknown said...

Wow! Looks like you are all having a great time and the weather looks lovely.

Enjoy the the last few days!

Andrew and Sophie Marsden.

Anonymous said...

have a wonderfull time with your friends ella from nanny and dada in nz