Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Hi everyone. What a great day we have had in France. We woke up when Mr Mitchell, Mrs Nicholls and Mrs Kinsey knocked on our doors. We had gone to bed lateish and slept right through until 7.15am. For breakfast we had french bread, butter, jam and cereals. We could have juice or hot drinks. Some of us had hot chocolate which was lovely.

After breakfast we got all our things together for our first full day in France. We all walked into the small village of Criel Sur Mer which took us about five minutes. We then in our groups brought postcards and stamps to send home. The best bit was going to the patiserrie and buying a cake. Our group teacher very kindly bought us any cake we wanted in the shop. We all agreed they were all lovely.

Once we had finished our cakes we got back onto the coach and headed for Arras. We arrived just before lunch which we had on the grass outside the underground tunnels we were going to visit. Lunch was a ham bagette, cheese, crisps and lovely sweet waffle and an orange. We could have juice or water to drink. We had a run around on the grass to stretch our legs.

We went into the tunnels in group. We had to go down in a lift 20 m below ground. It was very dark and some of us were a little frightened to start with. However once our eyes got used to the dark we started to enjoy the tour. At one point during the first world war 24,000 soldiers were billetted underground for a week. The tour took us about an hour and we found out lots about the soldiers that had dug the tunnel and those that lived in it. During WW2 it was used as a huge underground air raid shelter. We all really enjoyed the visit.

After that we got back on the coach and went to look at some WW1 trenches. We walked in the Allied and German trenches and we were told of the horrible conditions the soldiers lived in. The trenches were only 20 metres apart!! The land around the trenches was made up of lots of bomb craters. We found the whole experience really informative. We then got back on the coach and watched "Tangled" on a DVD. We had some sweets and a drink each.

When we got back to the Chateau we had our dinner of salad ,beetroot salad , chicken and chips and finshed with cheese and yogurt. After dinner and before bed we played on the football pitch under the floodlights.

We are looking forward to making bread and cheese tommorow and going to the restaurant for our dinner.

We are experiencing technical difficulties with uploading our photo's we'll keep trying.


pauline wain said...

Sounds like you are having a fab time!!

pauline wain said...

HI Year 5, hope you have had another fantastic day in France! I am looking forward to reading about all the exciting things you have been doing today! p s please remind Mr Mitchell, Mrs Nicholls and Mrs Kinsey to bring some tasty French treats back for the staffroom!