Friday, 1 June 2012

Our last day in  Italy was another really fun packed day.

The morning started with Pizza aerobics. There were a team of men who came and used real pizzas and artificial pizzas which they threw in the air and spun around . They were amazing !!. We then all made pizzas which was great fun. The best part of the morning was that we ate pizzas.

We had another fantastic lunch with our new Italian friends. Once lunch was finished the children from the Italian school went back to school. We then went in to the swimming pool for the last time. The sun was shining it was 80 degrees and life does not get much better. After our swim we went back to Reggio to ride on a train around the city and then have our last and I think our best ice cream.

After dinner at the hotel we the took the coach to the station. At 10.00pm we boarded our sleeper train for our trip to Rome. Our beds were great and we had a fantastic night. We arrived in Rome at 7.00am and went straight to the airport for our plane to Manchester.

We arrived back in Manchester and were collected by our parents. Everyone agreed that this had been a trip of a life time. We had a fantastic trip.

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