Monday, 18 June 2012

Den building

Today year 6 went on a 'Survivor' trip to Birchwood woodland area.  It was a fantastic experience and the sun shone through the trees.  Upon arrival, we had our safety talk and our guide Dan built a camp fire and we gathered wood and kindling to keep it going.  We then had to go off and collect as much wood as we could to make a den after lunch.  After lunch around the camp fire, we set off in groups and gathered our wood and branches together to make a den structure.  The children worked really well in their teams, coming up with great ideas to make their den stable and sheltered from the elements.  One team even had a couple of logs as chairs to relax in their den.

Next we all came together and sharpened some wood into wooden tools using potato peelers.  We then toasted some marshmallows on the camp fire before we had to go home. 

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