Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Camp Fire Capers! Burwardsley Part II


Well I dont know where to start!

Tea was absolutely delicious with children rushing back for seconds (the naivety of youth), whilst the elders amongst us held back for seconds on the puddings! (Not mentioning any names....... but i think Miss 3 Puddings Prophett might stick!)

Clouds cleared long enough for us to explore the wonderful grounds and play some games.

We followed a tree lined path into a wooden clearing and found a crackling campfire. Songs were sang and marshmallows were devoured, all washed down with a hot chocolate. Mrs Gibbs and Mrs Nicholls came to visit and Mrs Nicholls showed us her magic trick of setting food on fire!

We came back inside for a story before bed and touch wood we haven't heard a peep since!

Everyone has had a fantastic first day and we're all really excited about tomorrow.

Love from,
Year 3

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