Monday, 2 July 2012

Burwardsley Day 1


We arrived safely this morning and it took us no time at all to put the Burwardsley wet weather gear to the test!

After a quick tour of the site and safety rules we tucked into our lunch early (unfortunately indoors ) due to the heavy down pour.

Sprits were as high as the Bickerton hills as we headed up to Willow hill for our first activity of the week.

We split into 3 teams to compete in "Come Den With Me" where teams scored each other on camoflage and creativity. This score was added to the score for teamwork given by the group leader.

As you can see below the standard was incredibly high.

The children are currently setting up for tea and we hope the skies will clear so we can have our camp fire and sing song tonight.

All children are happy and smiling and have scored the trip 10 out of 10 so far!

Hope everyone is well there and keep checking the blog.

Lots of love,

Year 3

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