Monday, 28 May 2012

Day 2

Today we were up early again and had a lovely breakfast of ham , cheese and cake. Once we had taken our cases to the reception we were then off to the Colosseum. We got the metro from near to our hotel to the Colosseum. This was a fantastic experience for all of us. Our guide Gracia told us about how the Colosseum had been built and what had happened to it over the years. Once we had visited the Colosseum we went to visit other areas of Ancient Rome.

We then went back to hotel and Mr Mitchell went to buy pizza for us all. We had courgettes and tomato, tomato and mushroom. It was really lovely. We then finished with Italian cake and biscuits.  

After lunch we caught the bus to Sorrento. This took us four hours but the time passed quickly as we chatted and some of us slept.

When we arrived at Sorrento we checked into our rooms. The view from our rooms is fantastic. The rooms look over the sea. Our dinner tonight was lovely. We had pasta and pork and chips and beautiful fresh oranges.

We are really looking forward to our day at Pompei.

Sorry about the lack of photos but the computer in the hotel doesn't allow us to upload then.

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