Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Today we were up at a sensible time and went down to breakfast in our very posh hotel.  The breakfast was a selection of lovely cakes and bread, cheese and meats. Once we had finished breakfast we went to a market near to our hotel. We looked at all the vegetables, meat and cheeses. Some of us bought watches and bracelets fom one of the stalls. At 9.00am we got the bus to the school. When we walked ino the hall the children from the school were there clapping. They sang to us and danced and it was fantastic. Mr Mitchell spoke to them in Italian. We then went to look at the classes and joined in some games with the children,

At 1.00 we went to have lunch . We have never had a lunch like it. We started off with all sorts of vegetables and meats. We then had pasta with sausage, this was followed by sausage and chips. We then had lots of lovely fresh fruits, then cheese and finished with cakes. We couldn't move after this. However some of us managed to have a game of football with our new Italian friends. After this we went to visit the mayor of the city and to a ceramic factory. 

When we got back to the hotel we went straight to the swimming pool, this was great fun. Dinner was another fantastic meal with pasta, meat and roasted potatoes and we finished with fruit salad. Mr Mitchell then suggested we walk out to have an ice ceam. We all chose our own flavours

We have had another fantastic day in Italy. Tomorrow is our last full day.

                                                                   Dinner at the hotel

 Miss Sharatt tries mussels for the first time

                                                                   Swimming in the pool

                                                                Welcome at the school

                                                          Lunch with our Italian friends

                                                                        At the town hall

                                                                     A special cake                                                                

                                                                      On our posh coach

                                                                    Football match

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