Thursday, 19 April 2012

Fantastic Mr Fox

Year 3 put on a fantastic performance of Fantastic Mr Fox.  This was their interpretation of the story with a modern twist. Mr Pennington adapted, with the help of the children, modern songs with appropriate lyrics to their production.  They used The Proclaimers, Rihanna and High School Musical. Morgan portraid Mr Fox with great character and the three farmers Boggis, Bean and Bunce(played by Edward, Taran & Jenna) were the nastiest crooks in the valley!

To make it humourous Joe, Nicole & Zoe played Mrs.Cork, Mrs.Penhall and Mrs Hurry; who passed various comments about their relevant roles in school.

Katie and Lois played beautiful music on their guitars during the scene changes.

Thank you to all the staff who helped to make this a fabulous production.


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