Monday, 13 February 2012

Tanzania - The Finished Trim Trail!

What an incredible week! The children of Mikumi Town Primary School have been trully inspirational in designing and creating their own Trim Trail. I can assure you they are immensely proud of what they have achieved and the skills they displayed were quite unbelievable.

Our final day in School was without doubt our favourite. After an assembly filled with singing and dancing we worked with the playtime prefects. Soon the Nursery class arrived (86 children!) and the Prefects guided the younger children in using the course safely and taking turns. Throughout the day more and more children gravitated towards the Trim Trail and we were able to step back and watch the Prefects manage the course superbly. 

We also found the time to pop to the local "metal man" who created 2 hoops for us. These were combined with 2 spare Trim Trail logs resulting in new netball posts. A fine display of balance, athletisism and fitness followed as Mrs Penhall and I took part in netball and football matches respectively. After a considerable amount of heavy breathing, perspiration and hands on knees, the 2 minute warm up was finally over! Clearly, we were both surprised to end up on losing teams!

Singing, dancing and speeches followed to draw an end to a week that we shall never forget. 

Please enjoy the photo's below, showing the incredible skills of the Mikumi Town children and our finished Trail. Feel free to find us and ask us anything about our Tanzanian adventure.

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Mrs Llewelyn-Leach said...

It looks OUTSTANDING Mr Pennington and Mrs Penhall. Can't wait to hear all your adventures when we are back at school.
Make the most of your holidays this week! (Just a littler cooler here!!)