Thursday, 10 November 2011

Year 1 Fairytale Day

Year 1 arrived for their Fairytale Day dressed as a character from their favourite fairytale and they looked fabulous!  All the children participated in a drama workshop, where they had to rescue different characters that were in the wrong fairytale.  First they had to make their way to Storyland, tackling the crocodile in the sea, the bear in the woods and putting out a burning fire.  When all their tasks were complete, they rescued the characters so that they could return to their rightful place.
They then made their own 'magic potions' to enable them to fly on a magic carpet.  A plastic bottle was filled with water and then sequins, pipe cleaners, glitter and colouring was added, with a drop of oil, to float the items throughout the bottle.
The day was completed with a party and everyone had a great day.

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