Friday, 18 November 2011

Meeting an Olympic Athlete

Last Friday the Sports Leaders from year 6 went to MMU in Crewe.  When they arrived they were taken on a tour of the Sports Science rooms, that are used to test people's reactions of the body, during physical activities. 
They then met Craig Heap who is a British Olympic gymnast.  He started his career by accident because he went to pick his sister up from her gymnastics class and liked the thought of doing it.  He asked to go himself and worked hard as he really enjoyed it.  This determination got him into the Boy's Gymnastic Team but his coach said he wasn't good enough to enter a competition.  He thought he was and he did well and won!
He went on to Captain the British Squad and was fortunate enough to compete in the Sydney 2000 olympics.  Unfortunately he didn't achieve a Gold, Silver or Bronze but he said that he would give everything away that he had ever achieved, if he could keep his Olympic "taking part" medal.  He was very proud to compete for the Great Britain team.

He gave us the 7 values for the Olympic and Paraolympic games:

The 3 for the Olympics are:
The 4 for the Paraolympics are:
He then asked us to use these values in school when doing sports and activities.

In school, in the future, the Sports Leaders are going to arrange lots of different sports and activities that have a link to the London 2012 olympics and we have recently heard that the Olympic flame is going to pass through Crewe on the 31st May next year.

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