Sunday, 15 January 2012


On Thursday, Year 6 went to Techniquest in Wrexham.  This is a 'hands-on' Science Discovery Centre that has an array of puzzles, challenges and educational demonstrations that inspire and engage children and young people.
We spent a proportion of the morning tackling the 60 hands-on science exhibits.  This made us use a lot of brain power to reason out various challenges of puzzles, eg removing a continuous circle of rope from a solid structure, a bit like a puzzle you get in a Christmas cracker but on a much larger scale!  

    We then moved on to our workshop which was linked to our new topic of Solar Power.  Our challenge was to construct a fairground ride using KNEX that would rotate using a small solar powered motor.  The winner was the team whose ride could rotate unsupported and could theoretically carry the most people on the ride.  The winning team was Ryan's team who were the only group who rotated their ride vertically and was sturdy when tested.  Well done to them.

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