Tuesday, 12 July 2011

2Bl in Llandudno pt2

An alphabet of Tuesday in Llandudno

Awoke after a good nights sleep.
Breakfast was sausages, toast and cereal.
Caught crabs hiding under the rocks.
Dug holes in the sand.
Excited to see our fellow classmates.
Followed Mrs Gibbs to the West Beach.
Grabbed a bite to eat at lunchtime.
Held a friends hand to cross the road.
Ice-cream was delicious, eaten outside Cadwaladers.
Just fitted on the tram going up the Great Orme.
Kissing gates were opened and closed, no kissing took place!
Looked down the Copper Mines which were chilly and damp.

Mr Mitchell, Mrs Hurry and The Stirlands had a great day visiting us on their executive Mini bus.
No naughty seagulls took our food today (though a few watched on eagerly!!)
On the walk down the Great Orme we saw lots of lovely views of Llandudno.
Pier shops were where we spent some of our pounds and pennies.
Queen Victoria's statue looks over the pier.
Really fantastic day. Yet again!!
Ski-center got us all excited as we watched the
Tobogganing zooming past us.
Unbelievably good weather - not too hot, not too cold.
Victorians have left us lots and lots of clues about their time in Llandudno.
We are so happy to of had such a great time.
eXceptional residential, hard to be beaten.
Yummy roast dinner, the best in Llandudno.
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!! (Lots of snoring as we have done so much and are now so tired!!)

 Miss Prophett on the Tram to the Copper Mines.
 At the Copper Mines.
 Daniel guided us around telling us all about the Bronze age.
 Cheeky seagulls.
 Views from the Great Orme.
 In Happy Valley on the Cheshire Cat.
 Queen Victoria.
 The Pier.
 John sharing his sweets.
 "Which teacher shall we bury first? .... Where are you Mrs Bloor?"
 Mrs Hurry being creative.
 At last a crab that moved!!
A well deserved ice-cream.

See you all soon x

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